Bone Out From Boneville (Summary and Review)


Title: Bone Out of Boneville

Author: Jeff Smith

Date of Publication: 2005

Number of Pages: 140

Genre: Fiction/Comic

Bone Out from Boneville (Book 1) Summary

            Phoney, Fone Bone, and Smiley Bone was chased out of Boneville over two weeks ago and they were lost in the middle of the desert and the map that they have are useless because they are in the desert, near the mountain range and the map ends before the mountain range, but Locusts came and chased them, which made Fone Bone fall from the hill and was lost from the other bone. Then Fone Bone climbed back up the mountain, but he climbed up the wrong side and luckily he found many cigar butts and he decided to follow the cigar butt, because he thinks that it is Smiley Bone’s cigar butts. Then he saw a girl in the river that was ahead of him and her name is Thorn and Phone Bone was looking for her, so she said that she will help him find his cousin and she also took Fone Bone to her house that was across the mountain, where she live with her grandma and he found Phoney. Then the monsters’ boss told them to go kill Fone Bone and soon the monster attacked Thorn’s house, so her grandma told her to take Fone Bone to a safe place and she will take care of the monster, at the same time Phoney went to “The Barrel Heaven” and found Smiley Bone and he fought with the shop owner and stayed in the shop. Thorn was escaping the rats and soon the monsters surrounded her, but luckily the dragon came and saved her and Fone Bone and scared all the monsters away and took her back to her home. Next she came back from her house and the monster had destroyed her house, but her grandma was fine, so she and her grandma decided to go to a safer place to hide, so they decided to go see Lucius at “The Barrel Heaven”. Then they were there and Fone Bone met Smiley Bone and Phoney. After that they said thank you to Thorn for protecting them away from the rat monsters and to Lucius (shop owner) for letting them go even though they owe him money and they decided to keep traveling to go back to Boneville.

Bone Out From Boneville (Book 1) Review

            I think that I like reading this book and this book made me smiled a lot of times because it was very funny and I also like many parts of the book. For example, when Phoney paid Lucius (The Barrel Heaven shop owner) for the beer, Lucius ripped the money because he doesn’t use U.S. dollars, so Phoney was mad at Lucius and he walk up to him to fight with him, but he lost, so he needed to go and wash the dishes and cups for paying for the beer. My recommendation is that if you want to read a fun and interesting book I would read this book, because it is very funny and it will make you relax. I guaranteed. The three quotations from this book that have a strong emotional response are: “Those rat creatures would be pretty stupid to follow me on this frail, little branch” (Pg.35) and then the rat creatures just jump on the small branch and it made the branch broke, which is kind of stupid. I chose that sentence because it is kind of a funny joke and I could also imagine how small the branch was because it description is kind of clear and easy to understand. The second quotation that I chose is “ All right, all right…Hey what is this? This map look like it was drawn by a five year old! This thing is worthless! It is worth a dollar!” (Pg.3) I chose this sentence because it is very funny and it gives me a very mad impression of Phoney and it sounded to me that he wanted to kill Smiley Bone for tricking him and selling him a useless map. My last quotation is “Let us hope that the death of this Fone Bone will cause the dragon to leave the valley and return to Deren Gard…” (Pg.91) I chose this sentence because it kind of made me scares because the monsters’ boss is very mad and I could imagine that he is in a very bad mood and he really wanted to kill Fone Bone and make the dragon leave the village. It also sound kind of scary and if I was Fone Bone, I would run because I am s I think that I like this book because it is kind of fun and exciting to read. When I started reading the first chapter of this book, it made me want to read more because it is very exciting and I can’t stop reading the book, so I finished the book in one day. The other thing that I like about this book is that there are a lot of pictures, which help explain a lot. I also like how the character in the book speaks because their slangs are a little bit weird. For example, the word ya stand for you, the word yer stand for you are. He also used the ‘ sign and it stands for each letter at the end of a word th’, an’, and ha’. My favorite character is Smiley Bone because he is always relaxing and always making jokes and he also never cares about anything and he is never serious in the book. The last reason that I like about him is that when he said to Phoney that he should stop thinking about money and take him as an example, because he never have a penny in his life and he is always happy, but Phoney thinks he is just a stray dog. This is why I enjoyed reading Bone book 1.

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  1. chequesise says:

    Nice Work Cheque, if I am your teacher, I will give you an A++++++. SUPER. BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chequesise says:

    Yes, I will keep writing reviews and summaries. Thank you for reading my blog. You can find other reviews on the next page after the book Bone or you can click on the link December blog, October Blog, or January Blog. Thank you for your comments

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